Importance of Coming Soon Pages and a WordPress Coming Soon Plugin

With a coming soon page, you’ll also have the ability to present yourself to your site traffic. This can enable you to connect with the site traffic on a personal level. In addition to the visitors will feel good to see you and think about your company as a legit one. Coming soon page does not mean you need to use”coming soon” or “this website is under construction” wording on the page. This seems boring and nobody enjoys reading them. You may also ask questions on coming shortly page to capture the attention of the visitors with phrases such as, “are you ready for my new business?”.

The importance of coming soon and maintenance mode pages

If a visitor is coming to a site before it is even launched then there’s a particular reason behind it. Maybe they’re seriously interested in your site or in your product. Therefore it would be better if you don’t make them wait for an unknown time period.

Coming soon page is about collecting email subscribers and capturing leads so you’ll have to offer an email subscription box to create follow-ups and invite them to check back your webpage when it’s completed.

Coming Soon Pages also offers a fantastic way to monitor and survey your page views.

Don’t hesitate to bring a launch date of the site. This will help your site visitors to learn about your plans, and they’ll come back to your website only when it is launched. When using a WordPress plugin to include a coming soon page, including a countdown timer is only a click away.

So these are a couple of the important things of coming shortly pages in web design. Because of this, you get a quick result when standing on the SERP.

In the long run, while creating a coming soon page, you should also be very creative. Some ideas? Let’s have a look at one premium Coming Soon and Maintenance mode plugin.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin: some customers reviews


  •  Create a Professional Coming Soon Page In Minutes
  •  Have Traffic and Leads When Your Site Launches
  •  Work on Your Site in Private
  •  Get a Jump Start at Ranking In Google
  •  Go Viral with Social Sharing & Referral Tracking

Visit the Coming Soon WordPress Plugin Homepage

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