Long tail Keywords: how can they help you rank?

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that intends to catch search traffic from a particular, often 3+ word lookup query.

Because of that, they provide both short-term and long-term advantages.

In SEO, we differentiate between mind keywords and long tail keywords. A long tail key word is more specific than a mind key word, and many of the times — but not always — it is made up of more words. The mind key word is a general term plenty of people write about. Usually, less people create content about this subject.

The basics: Long Tail Keywords Definition

Since they are very specific, they permit you to rank highly in search results for certain topics relatively fast while still gaining ground on head provisions. Plus, they have a tendency to attract highly qualified traffic that is more likely to convert to prospects and clients.

Long tail keywords tool

Examples of long tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are utilized to target niche demographics instead of mass audiences. The”long-tail” refers to the research requirement curve — as keyword phrases become more detailed and specific, search volume becomes less aggressive, but searcher intent gets higher.

Long tail keywords for seo: how can they help you rank?

The concept is quite simple. As stated previously, there is less content on the internet about long tail keywords, because less people have written about them. Because the competition is not that fierce, it is a lot easier to beat other internet pages with content about long tail keywords and phrases in search engines.

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