Keywords research tools: How to Find Low Competition Keywords for your Website

Yes, it’s so tough to rank for competitive keyword phrases using a new site. As you are building out your website content, your keyword taxonomy should naturally include both narrow and broad terms, so you should target both head phrases and long-tail keywords

How find your perfect long tail keywords

Hopefully , whatever the size, type, or age of your company, you know that long tail keywords ought to be part of your SEO content plan . The long-tail key words you find could be utilized as the name and main subject for a highly targeted blog post or article (or video, or infographic, or some other kind of content), or you may use them as variants to better optimize a more guide or post targeting one main keyword. For instance, by using the long tail key words on your subheads and image file names. And if you are running market marketing campaigns, super-specific long-tail key words are your very best friend.

Less competition is not the only benefit of writing about long tail keywords. If you concentrate on a market, your customers will more easily convert to customers, newsletter subscribers or whatever you are aiming for — particularly in the event that you cater for their search intent. Let us say your visitors are searching for a very specific sort of book. If they land on your site, technical in just those sort of books, they will likely find and purchase the books they’re looking for.

Long Tail Pro tool: keyword research tool

Now it’s time to know how discover profitable keywords and calculate Keyword Competitiveness for any niche. You can also get Long Tail Keyword Ideas from Head Terms to get up to 400 long tail keywords ready for your projects.



Rank you own Keyword easily: how it works with Long Tail Pro

  • Enter your Domain or URL
  • Long Tail Pro automatically tracks your rankings
  • You can click on any keyword to view its ranking history and export your graphs


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Seo keyword rank tracker and much more

The Rank Tracker allows you to check the key word ranking of your site on key search phrases. Just enter your domain name or webpage URL and fill in your target keywords. Long Tail Pro will update your rankings for each keyword (daily) to help you make the most critical of decisions.



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